Branded Pens

Branded Pens: The Modern Business Card

Branded pens and corporate gifts are a popular and common part of today’s business conduct, ensuring complete brand immersion and recognition, especially within the office environment itself. With a selection of pens from a range of price and class levels to chose from, as well as a whole array of ways to have them branded and customised, these small everyday object have transformed into some of the most common and efficient marketing tools out there, but now a new trend has come around, and its turning heads- the pen business card.


business card

Pens come in a range of sizes and shapes, colours and styles, perfect to be matched up with a corporate image or logo. With all this versatility it is no wonder these same pens can be made into stylish business cards that are always around. By printing a logo and phone number, even a name and address, on the side of a pen, you have created a marketing tool that not only fits into use in daily life but also serves as a constant reminder of your business efforts.

A fun and inventive way of gaining business and attention, these well intended pens serve as a cost-effective way to promote business as well as yourself, acting as an information card as well as communicating your brand ethos.

The modern day way to spread your name around, breaking the mold and giving more than just a little plaque of paper, this is a fun and creative way to announce yourself in the working world, beginning with a statement that they wont soon forget.

Whether for personal use or as gifts for the office, a personalised business card pen is something everyone can appreciate. Serving a daily use and creating a good vibe around the brand, this is marketing in the new-age.